Alimama DaoLi Calligraphy Font

Font Introduction

Alimama DaoLi stele inscription font, learned the essence of Cuan Baozi stele through machine learning, emphasizing the strong square of the “雁尾” at both ends of the triangular point bending and horizontal drawing, showing sharpness and showing off its spirit, between Li-Kai and Kai , maintains a strong sense of official script, giving people a sense of solidity, simplicity, childishness, and stubbornness. It breaks the conventional balance of symmetry, and the knots are extremely bold. The size is often unexpected. It seems to be out of proportion, but in fact it is deeply artistic: seek righteousness in danger, move in stillness, seek stillness in movement.

Alimama DaoLi stele inscription font is a simplified Chinese font library, with Chinese characters included but not limited to GB2312, totaling 6,763 Chinese characters. It also includes 52 English upper and lowercase characters, and 227 commonly used punctuation marks, for a total of 7,043 characters.

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Chi Wang 王驰
Chi Wang 王驰
Ph.D. Candidate

My research interests include semantic segmentaion, image matting, image generation, 3D generation and novel view synthesis.