Alimama DongFang-DaKai Calligraphy Font

Font Introduction

Alimama DongFang-DaKai Calligraphy Font is a font set generated based on the algorithm of Yan Zhenqing’s Duobao Pagoda Stele and combined with human effort. The machine learning process captured the rich and heavy feeling of Yan’s style, achieving the rise and fall of traditional calligraphy in stroke depiction. It standardizes the skeleton and strokes, and restores the writing charm of calligraphy such as descension of brush, implicit brush tip technique, brush turning,brush tail protection, and so on, making the overall font fuller, more harmonious, and thicker.

Alimama DongFang-DaKai Calligraphy is a Simplified Chinese font library, with Chinese characters included but not limited to GB2312, totaling 6,763 Chinese characters. It also includes 105 English upper and lowercase characters (including full-width, half-width, and combined characters), and 175 commonly used punctuation marks, for a total of 7,043 characters."

Font Showcase

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Chi Wang 王驰
Chi Wang 王驰
Ph.D. Candidate

My research interests include semantic segmentaion, image matting, image generation, 3D generation and novel view synthesis.